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  • The Joy of Six: Australian sport books
    From Australian football's bible to a tribute to the seamier side of Aussie Rules, our pick of the best reads 1) Johnny Warren ? Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters Part autobiography, part history of soccer in Australia and part manifesto, upon release Johnny Warren's Sheilas, Wogs and Poofters garnered a lot of attention and debate for more than just its provocative title. His evocations of both the ...
  • A-League shrugs off benefits of the Asian Champions League
    John Duerden: The tournament has its flaws but it can bring in revenue as well as helping showcase the talents of Australian players John Duerden
  • Australian Football League results
    MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) Results of weekend matches in the Australian Football League (Australian rules football):Fremantle 18.5 (113), Essendon 9.6 (60)Adelaide 20.16 (136), St. Kilda 7.8 (50)North Melbourne 13.13 (91), Sydney...
  • Australia women's coach de Reus leaves position
    SYDNEY (AP) ? Hesterine de Reus has left her position as head coach of the Australian women's football team after 15 months, following reports of player complaints over her strict style.
  • Sydney FC need to relax over Melbourne Heart's sky blue thinking
    In the bigger scheme of things, raising a shirt to the level of sanctity makes as much sense as worshipping a golden calf Continue reading...
  • Eagles, Dockers licences staying put
    WA football leaders say there is no imminent threat of the West Australian Football Commission losing control of West Coast and Fremantle's AFL licences, despite a settlement being reached in South Australia to buy the licences off the South Australian Football Commission.
  • Australian refs to wear microphones
    TV viewers will be able to hear what referees are saying in the end-of-season Finals Series of Australia's A-League.
  • What the NBA can learn from other sports
    Michael Regan is the head of sports science at Catapult, an Australian athletic tech company. Athletes can have all the desire, all the technical ability, all the intangibles, all the game metrics, but if they are physically incapable of performing to their potential, how good can they actually be? This is where basketball, among other mainstream sports, can learn from others. This is where the ...
  • 5 highlights of Aussie Rules football's 2nd round
    MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) ? More than 300,000 fans attended nine matches in Australian Rules football on the weekend as the Australian Football League, which boasts the highest number of spectators of any professional Australian sport, held its second round of the season.
  • Is the Gold Coast ready to welcome an A-League franchise again?
    After the demise of Clive Palmer's team, backers in Queensland believe they have the players and infrastructure to bring football back to the area Continue reading...